the macguffin of most romantic comedies is that “only a nixon could go to china.”
the shanghai communique clarified that there was (as there still is) only one china.
"what we will do in the years ahead to is build a bridge across the 16,000 miles and 22 years of hostilities which have divided us in the past." - nixon
a bridge stretching back 22 years?
only a nixon could build such a bridge.
and import it to us americans as imports.
a stretch of the bridge inters the bones of the gang of four.
"i wanted to have a long dialogue between cary grant and one of the factory workers as they walk along the assembly line. behind them a car is being assembled, piece by piece. finally, the car they’ve seen being put together from a simple nut and bolt is complete, with gas and oil, and all ready to drive off the line. the two men look at each other and say, ‘isn’t it wonderful!’ then they open the door of the car and out drops a corpse." - alfred hitchcock
all of which is to ignore mention of the numerous affairs first lady pat nixon had with farmer boys during the tour.
sections of the bridge inter them as well.